Sunday, March 4, 2018

The Shadow Movie (1994) Sequels

I've been reading the 1994 official magazine for The Shadow movie lately.  I was excited and saddened to read that there were hopes for sequels to the movie.  I was excited because I would really love to see a sequel.  However, I was saddened because there have been no sequels because, sadly, the movie wasn't very well received.

In the magazine article "Beside the Light," there is some insight from The Shadow movie producer Martin Bregman.  The article states, "And if Martin Bregman has made the right choices, and The Shadow is a movie blockbuster, will sequels be in the offing?  'If this film is successful,' Bregman says, flatly, 'then absolutely.'"

The second indication that there were hopes for Shadow sequels comes from an interview with screenwriter David Koepp.  In the article "Through the Heart" Koepp says, "'The thing that made me want (Shiwan) Khan was that I knew in the first film - and God willing, there will be more - it would give a chance to tie the villain to The Shadow's past...'"  David Koepp was obviously looking forward to sequels for The Shadow movie!

Had the 1994 Shadow movie had been a blockbuster, I'm sure - based on these interviews - we would have seen a sequel or two.  But sadly there have been no sequels, and at this point, I wouldn't want a remake of this movie but would prefer a totally new one.  I strongly believe that any one of the over 300 Shadow pulp stories would make a fantastic movie!

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