Sunday, August 19, 2018

Shadow Comics #11 - The Shadow Becomes Invisible

One area of The Shadow that I haven't had much opportunity to look into is The Shadow comics.  But I was looking at some of the covers to Shadow Comics and something on the cover of issue #11 caught my eye.  At the bottom left corner it states, "The Shadow shows in pictures how he becomes invisible!"  That immediately got my attention and new I had to dig into that!

I did some research and was able to determine that in Shadow Comics #11 (on sale April 25, 1941*) it is the first time in the comic series that The Shadow makes himself invisible just as he does on the radio show!  Prior to issue #11, The Shadow was more like the character from the pulps, using concealment and his cloak to hide.  But now in Shadow Comics #11, we have a turning point where The Shadow takes on the powers to cloud men's minds as he does on the radio show!  (Keep in mind that The Shadow radio show had just begun to air 4 years earlier in 1937.)  On a personal note, I think it's pretty cool how Vernon Greene drew The Shadow in light blue to indicate he's invisible!  

The first time The Shadow becomes invisible in Shadow Comics!

I was also able to find that in Shadow Comics #12 (on sale June 27, 1941*) The Shadow says he learned his powers in Tibet!  Now this is a little different from the radio show in which Lamont Cranston learned his powers in the Temple of The Cobras in India (from the radio show The Temple Bells of Neban).  

This was a lot of fun to research and I hope to be able to include more information in the near future about Shadow Comics.  

*According to Mike's Amazing World of Comics

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